Happy Friday slaves,

I just wanted to share a story of a treat I gave to my slave today.

He arrived with a bunch of flowers in one hand and money in the other. Now as much as this pleased me I also know he’s trying to butter me up so I don’t hurt him too much.

I thought “ok this is nice, I’ll play along with his little trick.” I took both gifts he had brought me and turned on my heels into the living room. He followed, he’s well trained.

“Let’s go out today slave” I said with a grin.

“Out Mistress??” He said.

“Yes slave let’s go on a date me and you.  After all we’ve been Mistress and slave for a few years now, why not let’s celebrate that today.”

He looked like a little boy on Christmas morning. He was so happy at this suggestion, I mean really over the fucking moon I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for this pathetic man in front of me.

I put on my coat and told him to lead the way to his car. Off we went on our movie date.

We arrived at the cinema I looked at the board to see what was on it was a must that we should go into an 18. I chose a film. “Now of course we’re going to need popcorn slave so you go get the tickets and a bucket of popcorn, I’ll wait here by the entrance.”

Off he trots still with that really stupid look of excitement in his face.

We went into the film he followed me allllll the way to the back seats. “Ah the back seats Mistress like a proper date!” he dared to say to me with a goofy dumb annoying giggle. “Urrrgghhh” I thought, “what a total wanker and this will just make me enjoy his surprise even more.”

We found our seats, “It’s very quiet in here today” I said to him. He said “just means we get the back row to ourselves hey Mistress??” He was starting to really get up my arse. Half an hour into the film: “I’m eating my popcorn slave.” I whisper. “Yes Mistress…” take you pants off!”


“You heard me, take your pants off!” He looked at me. I didn’t even turn to look back at him I just stared at the screen eating my popcorn. From the corner of my eye I could see him starting to unfasten his belt.

He took of his pants.

“Now the rest!” I whispered.

“The rest Mistress??”

“Yes idiot the lot!!! Take everything off!!!!”

He stripped down completely naked. “My slave was sat next to me, naked in the cinema! I was trying not to show how much this was exciting me I. remained calm and still hadn’t looked at him.

“Fold up your clothes and put then on my knee along with your shoes.  Take out your car key when doing this and hold on to it.”

He slowly did as he was told.  I now had a pile of neatly folded clothes with a pair of shoes on my knee.  I turned to him and whispered “You stupid fool, do you think I would ever go on any kind of date with a pathetic excuse of a human being such as you?”

“You got carried away with yourself there didn’t you?  Now you see that fire escape there? Your car is parked very near to it outside. Your clothes will be on the roof of your car in 5 minutes…”

“You will have to leave here looking like the idiot you are with everyone staring and pointing at you.” As I stood to walk out with his clothes I looked into his face pale white petrified face and laughed. He knew it would be pointless begging me not to do this he knew I’m out of his league and never should have thought anything else. He knows this was what he deserved.

I walked away out of the cinema quickly, giggling to myself, skipping down the stairs out of the doors over to my slaves car. I threw his folded clothes all over it now, a mess all over his car. I walked away leant against a lamp post, pulled out a cigarette and lit it ready for the show to begin.

I can hear it now: laughter, cheers, whistles, then I saw it, a naked man running towards his car trying to cover his pathetic cock! He scurried over to his car picking his clothes from the roof and bonnet.  He got into his car and quickly drove away.

laughing loudly I threw my cigarette down stood on it, got out my phone still eyes on that car driving away giggling . I rang another slave, told him were I am and to come and collect me.

20 minutes later I got a txt message. “Thank you Mistress that was amazing… see you next week.”

“Will these slaves ever learn” I laugh to myself.

Now does anybody else fancy a date with me??

 If you do just give me ring 07879 087397

Your Yorkshire  Mistress Jay