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Hi slaves, I’ll be in the chambers all week, 10 am till late.                     I’m looking forward to getting back after my holiday! Sessions available 1 to 1 or double Domme with Mistress Tania or Mistress Saskia. To book call 07879087397 Your Yorkshire Mistress Jay.

Hi there slaves sluts and bitches, a quick blog to let you no I will be in London on the 27th and 28th of September taking bookings in the Kings Cross area.                             Session times, shopping trips and being honoured to take […]

I’m having a wonderful time in Dubai being spoilt rotten as suits the perfect Princess that I am. I love it here, it’s so beautiful!     I’ll be back in chambers next week. Call respectfully on 07879087397 after Friday to book. Withheld numbers will not be answered. Your Yorkshire Mistress Jay.

Nettle play is a wonderful way of using nature’s finest wild weed for torture. The sharp sting of the weed wrapped around the cock by Mistress is painful in slaves eyes and empowering in Mistress’. Watching a slave squirming as I squeeze the nettles tighter around the cock, then rub them around the balls. Now I’m […]

Hello slaves, I want to tell you about my time last week with one of my main loyal slaves. This slave of mine is like my little inventor of things. He’s always thinking of things to make for me to make my sadistic side of life far more fulfilling. He will come to see me […]

Hi slaves. As it’s the holiday season I have a long time slave that has taken a week off to spend with me. I have lots of jobs lined up for him to do including accompanying me to a nice spa day to carry my bags and rub my cute little feet back in the room. Now […]

Hi slaves, chastity: it’s a powerful and mind blowing experience for both Mistress and slave. Although for most slaves there is one big problem… The WIFE… but being the clever thoughtful Mistress I am I have come up with a cunning plan to overcome this. A surgical staple gun and plastic numbered tags, a simple […]

Sat in the sun smiling to myself at how perfect my life turned out. Feet up staring at my shiny red cute toes wondering why no one is with me to put them in their mouth, then the phone rings I see his name! my outdoor slave!!!. My dare devil, time for some fun with this one. When […]