I’ve had this certain Slave for many years now. I’d say since the beginning of my BDSM journey. He has to be the filthiest fucker I’ve had. I have to confess my eyes light up and I can’t help the smirk on my face when I see his name flash up on phone. I just know the filthy fun we’re about to have. Hence his name in my phone is dirty bastard.

He knows exactly what to do when he arrives.  First thing is to strip off naked, lay on the floor face down and await his Mistress.

I’ll do a little run over our last episode:

This Slave tends to talk a little too much for my liking so I enter the room where he is laid on the floor, click my fingers and Beckon him to follow me. He does this of course on all fours, I take him to the bathroom, sit on the toilet without pulling down my panties and piss through them soaking them wet through with my warm nectar.

With lust and desperation in his eyes he’s watching my piss dripping through my panties!

He knows it’s for him, he knows what I’m going to do with panties. It’s a connection we have created through the years, he can see what’s coming as he knows how my mind works and he fucking loves it!!!!

When I finish my piss I take off my panties, force them into his mouth and make him suck my piss from then before I push them all the way in and use them as his gag.

I change into some clean panties and summons him back to my play room… My naked Pussy is not for unworthy eyes, so I cover it back up.

I love to abuse this filthy fucker anally, no holds barred. I love to use my fucking glove on him, each finger is different I pick up the glove again he knows what’s coming I laugh at his pathetic rather ugly face. I fuck him with each finger leaving the thumb till last as it’s the bigger one. After I finish I make him suck every finger on my glove clean one by one!!!!!!! “Hahaha oh dear you dirty bastard,” I tell him, “how filthy and no fucking good you are to anyone but me!!” And he’s only good for me as I abuse and ridicule him.

I then tell him to turn around on all fours and continue to fuck this clown up his horny arse with the heel of my boot. After hearing him moan for a few reasons: he’s lapping up the attention I’m giving him (even if it is evil attention it’s still attention he’s receiving from his owner and Mistress) and also he craves to be fucked up his arse, I tell him to turn around and suck the heel of my boot clean, he’s more than happy to oblige!!!!!

The filthy fucker!!!!!

I then command him to sit up and kneel in front of me. I start to pinch and pull on his nipples and tell him to wank his cock. I pull out a spoon I keep just for him at the side of my throne and hold it to his cock ready to catch the filth that will come out of him. While he’s wanking his own pathetic useless cock I spit onto his face and in his mouth. I pull back any phlegm I have in the back of my throat and nose and spit it directly into his open and waiting mouth.

I see on his face his orgasm is coming… I watch it all empty onto his spoon. When it’s all out and dripping off the end of it I raise the spoon to his still wide open mouth and slide it in watching it close to drink his own spunk, not losing one drop….

“That’s it,” I tell him, “that’s my good filthy fucker.”


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