Sat in the sun smiling to myself at how perfect my life turned out. Feet up staring at my shiny red cute toes wondering why no one is with me to put them in their mouth, then the phone rings I see his name! my outdoor slave!!!. My dare devil, time for some fun with this one.

When he gets here I’ll dress him up in some clothes I picked out for him on a shopping spree, today is sunny I think denim hot pants n a nice belly top with a fitting summer hat to match. I will apply his, now to be her, make up, a slut should always look her best when she leaves the house.  I’m thinking a nice blond wig under that sun hat. My slave never leaves the house under dressed so of course she will wear her collar with her tag stating “Property of Mistress Jay”.

I will send her on her way with a shopping list to the supermarket, a big long list the longer she is out looking this way the happier Mistress is. All while she is gone being looked and laughed at I will remain in the sun with my perfect feet up smiling to myself even more that I have a slave on loose out there for everyone to see.

Yorkshire Mistress Jay !!!