I just got home from a session with Mistress Jay, still on a high after a two hour drive.  Why travel so far to see a Mistress? Because I’m happy to drive for two hours when I know that a fantastic experience awaits me.

Mistress Jay REALLY enjoys what she does, and I enjoyed the session more because of that.

Have you ever been to a Mistress and realised she hasn’t taken any notice of your likes, dislikes, etc? Well, Mistress Jay remembered every single thing we’d discussed, and made sure we did all of them. Highly impressive.

If you seek a Mistress you are in or willing to travel to Huddersfield, I strongly recommend a visit to Mistress Jay, who takes sessions in both a well equipped domestic session / playroom and a magnificent dungeon.

Thank you Mistress Jay.  I can’t wait to come back

Slave p