Welcome to my blog slaves, sissies, pet dogs, foot lovers,  jeez the list of all your kinkz is endless!!

Whatever yours is, welcome!!

Whatever the kink is from all walks of clients I love to play with them, mould them into my pleasure. Slaves come to me pouring out their kinks in the consultation they think they have come for their play time for their release, little do you all realise I’m probably the one having more fun!!

The more you bring to offer me to play with the harder I bite!! (Sometimes literally).

I take on board scenarios already written to me in messages or discussed over the phone so that as soon as I open the door the games begin!!!!

Last week a poor slave’s car broke down in the rain… it was late, mine was the only light on. As always I’m up late, kinky calls, bubble baths with a glass of wine… always in my stockings and underwear. A woman of my status needs to always look her best!!!!

He knocked on my door explaining his car had just come to stand still and could he use my phone as his had died… With a look of excitement in my eye licking my red lipstick covered lips I thought to myself “there is a god” of course I said come in out of the rain!!

“Please take your coat off it’s soaking wet” I told him “I’ll pour you a glass of wine…”

“No” he said, “I’m driving…”

“Oh come on now we’re miles from anywhere it will take hours for any kind of help to come, relax.”

I watch him drink the wine smiling while dialling for help (or so he thinks!!)

I can see him relaxing now looking all chilled out with the pill I slipped into his drink.. I tell him to get out of his wet clothes he looks at me, I smile and tell him everything is going to be just fine… I guide him to what he thinks is the bathroom… when actually it’s my play room!

I take him in, start to undress him. He’s not objecting now he’s far too relaxed.  I can see now it’s all going my way nicely.

I lie him down on the bed put his hands above his head n tie them… He doesn’t struggle,  looks very confused but no struggle!!

Now he’s naked!

One of my favourite things is to take a man’s breath away  I pull off a piece of cling film I have in my play room I cover his face and watch him start to struggle my heart is beating with excitement now!

I rip it of before I see him drifting away. I let him catch his breath and quickly put it back over his face to watch him struggle again!! #breathplay!! The power!!!

I continue to stand over his face and put my toes down his throat pushing deeper down inside listening to him choke telling him it’s a woman’s world and we’re the ones holding all the power now. While pushing my toes n foot deeper down I can hear n see him chocking even more !! He’s struggling but his hands and feet are tied just how I like them!!

This continues for a while I can see him coming round from the pill. Now knowing my time is nearly up with him I go for ultimate suffocation, I sit across his face and start to smother him with my big soft peachy arse!!!! Laughing I can feel him struggling for breath underneath me!! I live for the control!!!

Alas it’s coming to an end I take a few pics of him tied, after I get off him, with my panties in his mouth for my blackmail purposes.. Well after all this is classed as #kidnap he needs to know he can’t tell anyone about our little secret.

I untie him thank him for his time he looks bewildered and strangely like he’s sad it’s come to end .. I warn him about the pics watch him get dressed and walk him to the door. “I… I needed help.” he stuttered. Opening the door pushing him outside I told him “You got help!! I helped you to know you should never knock on a stranger’s door!!”  Laughing I slammed the door shut!!!!

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